ibanez guitars on sale!!!

June 11, 2008

ok, this is a little diversion from my usual great remakes entry. if you found this site because you're searching for a song to cover, then you're probably in a band or a guitar player. i play acoustic and i'm planning to get an electric guitar. my best band buddy suggested that i must look at IBANEZ.

i did what i was told and found this youtube video by paul gilbert talking about IBANEZ. watch it:

who is paul gilbert? i don't know him personally but i know that he was former member of Mr. Big. who is Mr. Big? they are the band behind the song TO BE WITH YOU, one of my all-time favorites. if you want to know more info about this great guitar player, then check out his website at http://www.paulgilbert.com.

going back to my main subject, IBANEZ (2006 models) guitars are on SALE in zZOUNDS!!! i love the transparent purple and green. just so unique. CHECK THEM OUT!!!


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