AOB: ace of base

June 27, 2008

they are the music group from sweden who made my childhood happy with THE SIGN. everytime i hear its intro drum beat, i can’t help but remember my dance moves that i admittedly imitated from its music video.

the band is originally composed of four members namely ulf ekberg, jonas berggren, jenny berggren and linn berggren. in 2007, it was confirmed that linn (my favorite among them, with blonde hair) officially quit the band after a decade of not performing with the group. according to some articles i’ve read last night, she has pursued her teaching career and family. she said, “i want to sing, but i don’t want to be a singer.” i got her point.

ace of base, AOB

aside from the sign, my sister and i also loved LUCKY LOVE, BEAUTIFUL LIFE, LIFE IS FLOWER, LIVING IN DANGER and ALL THAT SHE WANTS. due to their less exposure on radio stations in the philippines after 1998, we never heard more of their singles. good thing there’s youtube now and so i was able to browse for their music videos that i’ve never seen or heard before.

so last night i found out that they have an upcoming album and they are currently on tour. check out their official website: i wonder how the band has progressed over the years so i’m excited to hear something new from them. before i end this entry, i’d like to hear THE SIGN again. so here it goes:

oh. while watching, i just had an idea that this could make a great cover song for an acoustic alternative/rock band with distortion and slapping bass.
what do you think?



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