10 songs you thought were originals

March 12, 2008

bloghopping, i landed in this one exciting blog by ROB JONES. i said exciting because it's not everyday that i come across blogs that i can relate to or get attached to as a music lover that i am. and i found one of his pages really interesting which is the 10 SONGS / SERIES. please check it out if you want to know why i love it.

he has one entry there about 10 SONGS YOU THOUGHT WERE ORIGINALS and yes, most people know that they are but they aren't. and i just want to quote what he said at the end of the entry:

...The cover version; an offense or a tribute? It can go either way. But the best cover versions at very least make us wonder about the original versions, make us want to seek them out. And any force in the world that makes us want to find more music can’t be all bad! Here’s hoping that some of the cover songs I’ve listed here will start you on a journey to becoming a fan of music that you may not have otherwise considered. Happy hunting! And please report back; I’d love to hear your thoughts, good people.

and here's the intro and the link to his blog entry that i'm talking about:

The best cover versions have souls of their own, a life beyond their original origins. And here are a few exceptional cover versions that embody this principle so well, that you didn’t know that they weren’t the originals, did you.

Well, OK. Maybe you did know a few of these. But you’d be surprised. Many don’t!

I love cover versions. Not all of them, mind you. I could admittedly do without a few of them (I’m looking at you, Lenny Kravitz. You too Michael Bolton…). The art of the cover version isn’t as appreciated as it once was. It used to be the order of the day at one time of course. Either a professional writer wrote your hit, or you covered an existing one written by some other artist. Where I would be the last to denigrate the singer-songwriter, I will say that you can really judge the greatest writers by how they do that one cover version of a song you love. Because it’s on the cover that they reveal what turns them on in the music of others. It reveals the music fan in them, and the enthusiasm and joy that goes along with that.

So here they are. 10 cover songs you (might have) thought were the originals...

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